Banana - 10ml

Banana - 10ml



Banana is a difficult liquid to get right. Most artificial banana flavour doesn't taste much like bananas, It's sweeter and more pungent. Why is this so? The story goes that the difference in flavours came about because the flavour was developed from an old, sweet variety of bananas called the Gros Michel. Whether this is true or not we have made great efforts to make our banana liquid taste better than most, possibly the best. Have we succeeded? We would love your feedback.


  • All our e-liquid is British Made in an IS07 clean room

  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 Quality Standards

  • We record the ECID on all our 10ml bottles

  • We only ever use highest quality UK sourced ingredients

  • All bottles are tamper evident and child safe

  • We regularly laboratory test all our products

  • We never compromise on quality

  • A premium e-liquid for £1 - why not give it a go?