We hope that so far for you, this summer has proved a time of adventure, giving you the chance to meet up with friends and family and partake in fun activities that might have been denied to you for a while. But if high-quality vape juice like that from the £1 Vape store has been helping you through the coronavirus crisis, there's also plenty of scope to keep exploring new forms and flavours of e-liquids!

We're referring, of course, to our in-depth online range of shortfill e-liquids, which includes some flavours you may not have even realised were available in e-juice or shortfill form.

Are you unsure what shortfills actually are? If so, here's a handy refresher. And if you are ready to discover and purchase a few new favourites, here are just five of our shortfill e-liquids that we reckon you have to try this summer.

Black Haze

In case you're curious about the mysterious name, allow us to explain: this particular shortfill is all about ripe, refreshing blackcurrant, complemented by a cooling sensation that will dazzle your tastebuds. Take your pick from our usual options for shortfill e-liquids, including 25ml, 50ml and 100ml bottles.


It's another e-liquid with a pretty cool name, although what you need to know about this one is that it's packed - yes, packed - with juicy fruits including raspberry, strawberry, mango and pineapple. Basically, if you're always chugging the fresh fruit juice, this is another e-liquid you'll definitely want to try.

Lemon Tart

The summer is a time when many of us indulge ourselves on delicious desserts like lemon tart, even though we might feel it's far from the right thing for our waistlines. Anyway, if you're desperately trying to shed that lockdown weight, don't fear - our zesty Lemon Tart e-juice won't add a single pound when you're next looking down at the scales.

Mr Pink

This is another one of our more 'inventive' shortfills - largely based on pulsating grapefruit, but also enhanced with further zesty fruits. And of course, that experimentation doesn't come at the expense of quality, as it's made to the same exacting standards as the rest of our e-juices, using UK-sourced ingredients in an ISO Class 7 clean room.

Red Devil

How "devilish" do e-liquids get? Well, our Red Devil shortfill will certainly do its best to tempt you astray. It's a stimulating blend of berry fruits, with red berries and black grape especially prominent. But you'll also get a lovely menthol, aniseed and sweet eucalyptus kick, for an e-juice experience that will leave you feeling more than a little transgressive.

There you have it - five shortfill e-liquids, of the many in our range, that show there's plenty new for even the most seasoned vapers to discover and experience while enjoying the summer sun. And remember, too, the free postage we provide for orders of more than £20 - a fine excuse for you to indulge in a somewhat healthier way than smoking or comfort-eating this season.