If you've ever sat and watched your favourite TV show or movie and thought, "I wish they made smell-ivision", or "why can't they make an e-liquid that tastes like that", well look no further!

Here at £1 Vape, we have a broad selection of premium e-liquids that are evocative (intentionally or not) of our favourite things to watch.
Therefore, here are six of our premium e-liquid flavours we reckon you should try, transporting you inside the screen.

Mr White
Fans of a certain cult TV show are sure to appreciate our Mr White premium e-Liquid, which is bursting with berry fruits, with the cooling hit of menthol and a little spice from the aniseed. All bottles are tamper-evident and safe from 'Breaking' - it really is so good, it is 'Bad'!

It's showtime! Vape it once, vape it twice... but we dare you to vape it three times. Our Beetlejoose flavour is one of our all-time favourite premium e-liquids, with mountains of juicy fruits, including strawberry, raspberry, pineapple, and mango.

Red Slushie
When watching Glee, it becomes very clear that throwing a slushie in your enemy's face is just a normal everyday part of American culture. But instead of weaponising your childhood favourite drink, why not vape it? Get the taste you have been looking for, just as you remembered it, with our Strawberry Slushie premium e-liquid.

Strawberries and Cream
What is watching Wimbledon on TV without a Pimm's in one hand, and a bowl of strawberries and cream in the other? Try our Strawberries and Cream e-liquid and be transported to Centre Court. A love for this e-juice really is a (Henman) Hill to die on.

Amazon Juice
Our favourite TV shows and films have the ability to transport us to tropical places, right into the depths of the jungle. Complement any of your favourite exotic Disney cartoons and films with Amazon Juice, which brings you an entire jungle's worth of exotic tropical fruit flavours.

Red Devil
Finally, for fans of a certain Manchester football team who love to watch from the comfort of their living room, why not cheer on the next 'Red Devils' game with the Red Devil premium e-liquid? A stimulating mix of berry fruits, this flavour boasts red berries and black grape, enhanced still further with menthol, aniseed, and sweet eucalyptus.
So, if you are looking for fantastic new flavours of premium e-liquids to suit your lifestyle as a film and TV buff, shop our range of speciality premium e-liquids at just £1 for a 10ml bottle. When we say we're £1 Vape, we really do mean we're £1 per vape e-liquid!