When you first start vaping, as well as the huge variety of flavours, there is a lot of jargon to get your head around.

One example of this is the PG and VG labels on the side of your premium e-liquids. The varying numbers beside these acronyms may leave you scratching your head while trying to pick out your new flavour.

This is why the team at £1 Vape has put together a handy guide for understanding what it all means.

What does PG and VG mean?

The most common ingredients in premium e-liquids are, of course, nicotine and flavouring, as well as a mix of vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). Both ingredients have different effects on the vaping experience, and so are used in varying ratios in e-juices.

The PG/VG ratios to be aware of

1. Higher VG
A higher VG content will make your premium e-liquid look a bit thicker. This means that more vapour gets produced when you vape. Because of this, higher VG allows you to create better clouds, making it a more attractive option for cloud chasing and fruity flavours.

If you would prefer a vape thatís lighter on the throat, browse the high-VG versions of our premium e-liquids, as well as our shortfills, both of which have a 70% VG / 30% PG ratio.

2. Higher PG
On the other hand, a higher PG content will make your e-liquid look thinner, filling the cartomizer quicker, and so giving you more of a throat hit. This will make your vaping experience more akin to smoking cigarettes, with a chest burn sensation and a clearer flavour.

So, if you are a former smoker looking for that more authentic cigarette replacement, or a self-proclaimed flavour chaser, you might first check out our standard premium e-liquids, which even come in tobacco flavour.

These particular e-juices are available in a ratio of 60% PG / 40% VG here at £1 Vape. But make sure you always carefully check the product descriptions of the e-liquids youíre considering, to ensure your choice will give you the VG and PG mix Ė and therefore the vaping experience Ė you desire.

3. 50/50
Finally, you can opt for a 50% PG / 50% VG ratio. This is the most popular ratio for nicotine salts, and allows for more crisp flavours. By choosing a nicotine salt premium e-liquid, you can keep a smooth vaping experience even with higher nicotine levels.

Discover the full range of e-juice experiences with £1 Vape!

As you can see, the PG/VG ratio of your e-liquid can completely alter your vaping experience. Itís therefore not something you should only be thinking about briefly when shopping for e-liquids like those that make up our own in-demand online product range.

So, whether youíre a cloud chaser or a flavour chaser, get experimenting with our ISO 9001 2015 Standard premium e-liquids. Better yet, when you spend over £20, you can enjoy free UK delivery from us. Happy vaping!