It would’ve been one of the stories of the year for smokers if it wasn’t for the distraction of the COVID-19 pandemic. But believe it or not, it was only about three months ago that the sale of menthol cigarettes – including capsule, dual and click products – was banned in the UK.

More specifically, it was 20th May this year when the legislation for the ban came into force across the UK and EU.

However, with the coronavirus having understandably recently hogged the limelight, headlines and people’s attentions, it’s understandable that according to new research, awareness of the change remains low among the British public.

Only about half of you apparently know about it

The survey of 2,000 consumers reported by multiple outlets found that only just over half (54%) of people were actually aware of the legislation banishing menthol cigarettes from stores.

Of those who did know about the ban, a third of them learnt about it two to three months before it was imposed, most frequently by word of mouth. But 18% said they did not find out about it until after its introduction.

As for the respondents’ opinions of the ban, it seems that they’re generally positive about it, three months on. 44% of them even reckoned it should have been introduced sooner.

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