Summer is typically a pretty positivity-fuelled time of year, but there's especially good reason for us to feel optimistic about it in 2021. Thanks to the vaccine rollout and more of the country opening up again, this summer looks set to be the UK's most "normal" one for two years.

Perhaps you're planning to hit the beach, catch some sunrays or go swimming in the pleasantly warm water of the ocean or an outdoor swimming pool?

You could also nourish yourself with some seasonal fruits - or sample any of these summer fruit-flavoured e-liquids here at £1 Vape...


A reliable bestseller among our broad selection of fruit mixes is Strawberry Kiwi, which - as its name indicates - combines the sweet taste of strawberry with the tanginess of kiwifruit. A slight sourness helps in striking a sumptuous balance between the two.


Like strawberries, raspberries are known for being sweet on the tongue. However, rest assured that if you usually find raspberry a little too sweet, we've combined this flavour with that of cranberry to produce a fruit mix e-liquid packing a satisfying tart kick.


As the English cherry season starts in July but lasts only three months, making the most of it while it lasts can feel like, ahem, the cherry on the cake... or perhaps we should say, the cherry flavour in the e-liquid. Yes, we offer a Cherry e-liquid - one infused with natural ingredients.


While it's certainly fun to pick blackberries in June, the month the British blackberry season begins, you don't even have to wait for our blackberry e-juice to ripen.

Better still, this particular vape product also throws in tinges of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry to make for an invigorating Berry Blast. That's why we gave it that name!

Of course, one big difference between these fruity e-liquids and actual summer fruits is that, while the latter's availability can fluctuate depending on the time of year, our summer fruit-flavoured e-liquids remain - stock permitting - just as easy to source right through the year.

So, however you ultimately intend to spend your summer, don't forget to set aside some time for vaping in-between those swimming sessions and games of beach volleyball. We charge just £1 per 10ml bottle of e-juice, which we can deliver anywhere in the UK - so why wait any longer to treat yourself?