Many of us can probably easily reel off a list of our favourite drinks – including some we fondly remember from times gone by but haven’t tried more recently. Chances are that some of those drinks are also represented in our generous range of drink-flavoured e-liquids.

“Hang on,” you might be thinking, “there are actually e-liquids that taste like drinks?” Yes – and when you peruse the selection of these e-liquids we stock, you could be pleasantly surprised to see just how many big-name beverages you can now sample by vaping them.

What are our bestsellers in the drink-based e-liquids category?

Caramel macchiato is a longstanding favourite consisting of freshly-steamed milk served with vanilla-tinged syrup and topped with a caramel drizzle. Now, you can emulate the feeling of drinking all of this by vaping our caramel macchiato e-liquid.

The strong coffee character and distinctive caramel kick are left intact. Meanwhile, our Vimtastic e-liquid – another bestseller – is similarly effective at replicating the stunning sensation delivered by the drink on which this particular type of vape juice is based.

Of course, we aren’t privy to the secret formula behind the original drink. But we have – for this Vimtastic e-juice – made our own version of the formula that draws in touches of grape, blackcurrant and raspberry as well as our own herbs and spices we keep under wraps!

What other drinks can you embrace in e-liquid form?

Well, there’s pink lemonade, which you have probably often previously enjoyed with friends and family at parties – and, in the instance of our pink lemonade e-liquid, packs so many strawberries you might feel like you’re at Wimbledon. Yes, even while vaping...

Then there’s dandelion and burdock, which has evolved in various intriguing ways during the many centuries of its history. While this beverage originated in the Middle Ages as a light mead, it later became a carbonated soft drink – and is now also available as e-juice. Yes, really!

Our dandelion and burdock-flavoured e-liquid has much in common with the drink, including an abundance of fruitiness along with discernible tinges of liquorice and aniseed. For all of our drink-flavoured e-liquids, we use high-quality, UK-sourced ingredients – and we can deliver 10ml bottles of premium e-juice straight to your door anywhere in the UK.