We’ve reached the time of year when many of us traditionally set our New Year resolutions – but of course, this isn’t just any New Year. The past 12 months have been arduous and stressful ones for many of us. So, as the COVID-19 crisis continues to rage around the world, a lot of us are likely to be considering what resolutions we can adopt to support our all-round health and wellness.

Well, here at £1 Vape, we reckon taking up vaping would definitely tick that box! But before you narrow your eyes in suspicion and think we’re just bigging ourselves up a bit, here are some reasons why we think grabbing an e-cigarette and some e-liquids could be a great way for you to start 2021.

The most obvious reason first – it’s simply better for your health

It’s not exactly news by now that COVID-19 is a disease that affects the lungs – and of course, the use of traditional cigarettes is hardly good for your lungs, either.

Contrast this with Public Health England (PHE)’s longstanding advice that vaping is around 95 per cent safer than tobacco, and you’ll soon start to see how much sense switching to e-cigarette use could make for your health in 2021.

It could help you to quit smoking more easily, too

It has often been said that if you want to achieve something a bit daunting, it greatly helps to break down the task into smaller chunks. But how does that work when you’re attempting to kick the smoking habit? Surely, you’re either a smoker... or you aren’t.

Well, not quite. Our own tobacco e-liquids here at £1 Vape, encompassing such tempting flavours as Classic Tobacco, Ash Red Tobacco and Caramel Tobacco, could be just the thing for giving you a smoother transition to a tobacco-free life.

And as we recently reported, there’s evidence that vaping is a whopping 70 per cent more effective than nicotine replacement therapy at helping smokers to quit.

You could end up with more money in your pocket

The ups and downs of 2020, including the uncertain economic outlook, certainly strained a lot of people’s bank balances. When you consider this alongside the tendency for many smokers to spend thousands upon thousands of pounds a year on their habit, it’s fair to say it can be a financial strain that cigarette users themselves could ideally do without.

That’s another reason why getting into vaping in 2021 could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Sure, the most sophisticated vaping equipment can be pricey – but if you stick to the budget end of the scale, vaping can set you back mere hundreds, rather than thousands of pounds a year.

And in case you’re scared of that word “budget” – don’t worry, cheap really can be cheerful in the vaping world! We’ve literally built our own business, for instance, on £1 e-liquids, but we also embrace the highest standards of manufacture.

Indeed, all of our great-value e-liquids are produced in accordance with the ISO 9001 2015 standard, using premium UK sourced ingredients in an ISO Class 7 clean room.

So, there you go... just some excellent reasons to make vaping your next health-enhancing habit, at a time when we all need to be doing what we can to live that bit healthier. Begin browsing our online store now, and you’ll see no shortage of fun flavours across our range of great-value e-liquids.