Summer means so many things to so many people. Not all of us love it – indeed, for a fair few of us, it’s just a time of feeling a bit too hot, sticky and bothered all the time.

But for those of us who do relish the beaming sun and high temperatures, the chance to get out and about, hit the beach and maybe do a spot of travelling (as long as, of course, the pandemic allows!) cannot be missed.

And that ‘seize the day’ spirit is very much the one we’re embracing this summer here at £1 Vape. We’re doing that in part by giving you the chance to shop for dessert e-juice flavours that could be just the thing for satisfying your seasonal ‘sweet tooth’ without piling on the pounds.

Keep that ‘beach body’ well-preserved!

Let’s face it – keeping fit has been a little tricky for many of us lately. Lockdown conditions might have rendered you unable to pursue many of the fitness or outdoorsy activities that you love – or at least, not to the same extent as was once so easily possible.

Plus, with the sun shining and many of us now showing a bit more skin by the pool or on the beach, you might be anxious to avoid overdoing it on the sweet treats this season and imperilling your health and physique. So why not help yourself to a few of our
dessert-flavoured e-liquids instead?

We’ve got a sweet flavour to suit every taste

Whatever you like to treat yourself to, there’ll probably be an e-juice flavour in our latest online product selection to match.

Maybe you’re all about that irresistibly sweet-and-sour punch of Blackcurrant Liquorice, for example, or have a thing for the tangy fruitiness of Pink Square Candy?

Alternatively, you might not be able to stop yourself tucking into some Blackberry Crumble from time to time, perhaps topped with some nice and smooth Vanilla Custard, and a bit of Strawberry Trifle for afters...

You get the idea. With real sweet treats, it can be so easy to go after indulgence after indulgence. Thankfully, though, when you shop for dessert e-juice flavours here at £1 Vape, you’ll just get really well-done approximations of the real thing, with no adverse effect on your waistline.

And whichever sweet e-juices of ours you do plump for this summer – others ranging from the retro Blackjaxx and delicious Rainbow Sherbet to the classic creamy Rhubarb & Custard and those zesty Pear Drops you’ll probably remember from your childhood – you’ll benefit from the same consistent £1 Vape commitment to quality.

That means receiving e-liquids that are manufactured from high-quality UK-sourced ingredients, in an ISO Class 7 clean room facility in Britain, to ISO 9001 Quality Standards.

So, you genuinely will get a premium-quality e-liquid for just £1 per 10ml bottle – just the thing if you fancy trying quite a few of them at once without breaking the bank. And guess what – you won’t even have to pay for delivery if you spend more than £20 on one order with us!