It’s not exactly a secret that vaping can help smokers to quit. But even this year, when you might be especially determined to do so for health reasons amid the pandemic, that’s no guarantee you will successfully kick the habit.

This is where our premium tobacco e-liquids come in. Not only are they just as temptingly priced as the rest of our e-juices at £1 per 10ml bottle, but they’re available in all of your favourite flavours, including Classic Tobacco, Smooth Tobacco and even Caramel Tobacco.

Such a variety of tempting flavours can help to satisfy your cravings for traditional cigarettes and in the process, prevent you from slipping back into smoking.

Striking the balance between escapism and doing the right thing

There’s no doubt that we’re in stressful times at the moment. One only needs to switch on the news or look at social media to see something new to worry about – so we can completely understand you feeling drawn to those familiar sources of comforting escapism.

But as COVID-19 has by no means ‘gone away’, we can also understand you wanting to make the best possible moves for your health. Well, with Public Health England (PHE) having concluded that e-cigarettes are 95 per cent less harmful than cigarettes, getting into vaping could prove a good long-term move for you.

Ease yourself into vaping... and a healthier way of living

Our premium tobacco e-liquids are a great jumping-off point for cigarette smokers who’re serious about quitting, while also wishing to achieve a sustainable and safe transition.

And of course, buying a few of whatever catches your eye in this range is also a fine way of introducing yourself to the joys of vaping in its own right. That’s the case whether you help yourself to something like our Classic Tobacco e-liquid with its strong, caramel and chocolate-infused flavour, or instead perhaps Ash Red Tobacco, which sports that classic Marlboro taste.

Alternatively, you might fancy trying the lighter and mellower roasted flavour of our Smooth Tobacco e-liquid, which nonetheless retains caramel, chocolate and vanilla notes. The decision really is up to you – if, indeed, you don’t end up buying more than £20’s worth of all of them to take advantage of our free delivery offer.

We’re not just about value – we’re also about high standards

You might look at the name of our online store and think we’re essentially a place for ‘cheap and cheerful’ e-liquids, which is fair enough. Well, actually, it wouldn’t be fair enough, because we really don’t believe in compromising when it comes to premium tobacco e-liquids.

That’s why all of the e-juices produced under the £1 Vape name are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 2015 Standards, and bottled in an ISO Class 7 clean room facility. And it’s also why those e-liquids are made from premium UK-sourced ingredients, and subject to robust laboratory batch testing and analysis.

In short, we really are serious about not just bringing you the pleasure of vaping at an affordable price, but also giving you a quality of product that will have you continuing to vape for as long as is necessary for you to say goodbye to smoking altogether. And wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing to achieve for your health and wellness?