For many of us, quarantine has been a long, hard, dull slog! Staying inside, perhaps with only Netflix and a football for company, it might feel as if you’re stuck in a particularly bad scene of Cast Away. So, why not bring a bit of enjoyment back into your life with our delicious premium fruit mixes e-liquids?

The world of unique e-liquid flavours is far from limited to one-off April Fools’ jokes. If you’re getting bored of the same-old flavours, check out the ways the £1 Vape team is pushing e-juice into the world of the tasty, yet surreal.

The importance of your health in the COVID era

With a University of Dundee study reported on by New Scientist last year finding that long-term smokers who start to vape could potentially see health benefits within just a month, it’s well worth considering whether doing the switch yourself could be the right decision for your own wellness.

And when it comes to making e-cigarette use especially fun and rewarding in this (literally) locked-down year, you can’t beat helping yourself to a few of your favourite premium fruit mixes e-liquids.

Bring back the feeling of summer sun

When choosing an e-liquid, one of the significant elements you will be inclined to check, is flavour. Vaping allows you to select the e-juice that best suits your preferences and needs, and you only need to browse our own range of premium fruit mixes e-liquids to realise there’s a sweet e-juice out there to satisfy you.

Are you looking for something fruity to remind you of those longed-for summer martinis? If so, check out our Lime Zinger with its potent and invigorating citrus burst, highly reminiscent of weeks spent under the tropical sun.

Speaking of reminders of happier times, our Berry Blast e-juice is also well worth a try; this strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and blueberry blend will show you there’s never enough of a good thing. Alas, we can’t technically claim it counts towards your ‘five a day’ – but you’ll feel like it does.

Our final recommendation is sure to cause you to picture those refreshing fruit bowls on a sultry summer day – cleanse your palette with our Kool Watermelon flavour and escape isolation blues in an instant.

Quality and eclecticism... it’s the £1 Vape way

Here at £1 Vape, we’re absolutely committed to high standards, and determined to deliver delicious premium fruit mixes e-liquids straight to your door. All of our e-juices are made in accordance with ISO 9001 2015 Standards, in an ISO Class 7 clean room facility. Not to mention, we’re backed by robust laboratory batch testing. In short, when we claim to be quality e-liquid suppliers, we mean it.

Don’t wait any longer to make us your go-to online store for both affordable and premium-quality e-juices that can be counted on to give you a deliciously satisfying vaping experience. A broad range of premium fruit mixes e-liquids awaits your discovery, and when you spend more than £20 on one order with us, you won’t even need to pay a thing for postage!