Down the years, one of the great ‘wars’ waging in the e-liquids world has been between propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, or PG vs VG. We’re talking two of the most legendary adversaries in the grand sphere of vaping – the Apple vs Microsoft, the Borg vs McEnroe, the Ant vs Dec... anyway, you get the idea.

In the early days of vaping, though, there was barely such thing as high VG e-juice. Instead, e-liquids tended to weigh more on the PG side. Indeed, with high PG e-juice offering such characteristics as a sharp and punchy throat hit and greater flavour, it’s still the preference of some vapers.

High VG e-liquids, on the other hand, are brilliant for those who aspire to produce thick and full vapour, rather than the more discreet and slightly wispy clouds generated by users of high PG e-juices. Oh, and a high VG e-juice also offers a smoother, not quite as strong throat hit, and lends a certain sweetness to the flavour of the e-liquid in question.

If, then, you fancy getting into the world of high VG vape liquids, what are some of the options that we can bring you here at £1 Vape?

All of your new and old favourites, in glorious VGness!

This being the summer, some of our high VG e-liquids – which, to be exact, are 70% VG and 30% PG – are very much evocative of the warmest and brightest months of the year. Think such offerings as the iconic Vimtastic, or the powerfully refreshing and tropical Lime Zinger.

Other high VG juices of ours, though, are a bit less... conventional. Why not experience the potent hit of grapefruit – combined with zesty fruits – that our Mr Pink e-juice represents, for instance? Or perhaps you might prefer to be led astray by the ever-stimulating Red Devil, which is all about an unforgettable blend of berry fruits with the potency of menthol, aniseed and sweet eucalyptus?

Quite a few of our ever-best-selling sweets and desserts vape liquids come in high VG form too, though. They include the likes of the irresistible Gummi Candy and our classic Bubblegum flavour, which both evoke those playground memories without being anything like as punishing on your jaw as the real things.

The best in VG glee, for a steal of a price!

As the name of our business indicates, we’re all about vape liquids for a quid here at £1 Vape, but that’s hardly all that we’re about. Indeed, we very much set out to prove that affordable e-juice doesn’t have to be remotely poor-quality e-juice, through such practices as the manufacture of all of our e-liquid in an ISO Class 7 clean room facility, and robust laboratory testing.

Nor will you have to pay much for postage, or anything at all if you place an order of more than £20 with us. That simply gives you all the more reason to stock up on the high VG e-liquids that you’ll need to last you for weeks and perhaps even months to come!