While the Christmas season is a time that many of us spend unwinding with our families and enjoying the other things that truly matter to us, it’s fair to say that this is no ordinary Christmas season.

Restrictions still apply across the UK to help limit the spread of the coronavirus, and great numbers of us aren’t just seeking a bit of escapism – we’re also trying to adopt new and healthier lifestyles. It’s no wonder, then, that as we previously reported, hundreds of thousands of smokers have been kicking the habit over the last year or so.

But if you’re among those quitters and are wondering which premium e-liquids in our own range could be just the thing for getting you into a ‘proper’ Christmas mood, let’s point you to some suggestions.


What could possibly say “Christmas” more than those striped candy canes you can hang on the tree? Alas, our peppermint e-liquid isn’t quite that, but it certainly boasts that familiar strong and distinctive flavour of peppermint, as might also be represented in your chocolate boxes on the 25th.

Cranberry Raspberry

Christmas dinner could never be complete without cranberry sauce. This cranberry raspberry e-juice perfectly balances cranberry’s tart kick with a burst of raspberry sweetness.


Apple crumble is a British wintertime classic dessert, and this apple e-liquid evokes it very nicely. Whether it is apple crumble, apple pie, mulled cider or even sweet baked apples that you look forward to every festive season, this flavour formula is an enduring classic that will put you in mind of it.

Vanilla Custard

And what is it you need with that apple crumble? Yep, we’re referring to a good dollopful of custard. Sure, our vanilla custard e-liquid isn’t the literal thing, but it certainly offers the smooth custard taste that will make you temporarily forget you aren’t dipping a spoon into a bowl of the yellow stuff.

Strawberry Trifle

Carrying on the dessert trend, we have one of the most festive of them all: strawberry trifle. This e-juice combines the taste of the almond sponge soaked in tangy fruit, topped with vanilla custard and lashings of cream, all minus those pesky calories!

Caramel Tobacco

And for those tobacco purists out there, why not try our caramel tobacco flavour e-juice? It serves up the smooth tobacco taste that you love, with a little added sweet festive cheer – also helping you to make a smoother transition from smoking this Yuletide.

When we say we offer premium e-liquids here at £1 Vape, we really do mean that! Indeed, all of our e-juices are produced in accordance with ISO 9001 2015 quality standards, in an ISO Class 7 clean room facility – so you don’t need to worry that we may be cheap but less-than-cheerful.

Why not take your pick, then, from your favourites in our store right now, and end your personal 2020 on an emphatic high?