British experts have hit back at the World Health Organization (WHO) for its anti-vaping advice, calling it "fundamentally flawed" and that it "risks the lives of millions".

The public health body for the United Nations (UN) said that e-cigarettes were harmful and put younger generations at risk of getting addicted to nicotine.

It's worrying to us that organisations such as WHO are still equating vaping with smoking as far as its impact on health is concerned -especially given the role that the finest-quality e-liquids can play in helping people to cut down on, and eventually quit traditional cigarettes.
So, here is everything you need to know about the WHO's new report, and how British experts have fought back.

WHO to crack down on smoking globally

In an effort to crack down on smoking around the globe, a new report from the WHO warns that many countries are "not addressing emerging nicotine and tobacco products and failing to regulate them". It also said that vaping goes against efforts to "denormalise" smoking, instead claiming that e-cigarettes could "renormalise" the practice.

But Professor John Britton, emeritus professor of epidemiology at the University of Nottingham, is just one of the British experts to have fought back. Professor Britton said: "This report demonstrates that, sadly, the WHO still doesn't understand the fundamental difference between addiction to tobacco smoking, which kills millions of people every year, and addiction to nicotine, which doesn't".

British experts maintain that vaping is much safer than smoking - and part of the solution

Dr Derek Yach, president of the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, described the WHO's attitude towards vaping as "fundamentally flawed". Dr Yach maintained that over one million e-smokers use lower-risk products to quit, so vaping should be encouraged.

Professor Britton agreed that "electronic nicotine delivery systems are part of the solution, not the problem" and recommended the use of nicotine products like vaping to help people overcome an addiction to smoking.

Public Health England (PHE)'s tobacco control lead Martin Dockrell also challenged the WHO's claims, saying: "The evidence has been clear for some time that, while not risk-free, vaping is far less harmful than smoking".

He continued: "The evidence shows that vaping is one of the most effective quit aids available, especially for smokers who have tried to quit before and failed, helping around 50,000 smokers quit a year". Thus, the finest-quality e-liquids continue to be an effective and invaluable solution for helping people from all manner of walks of life to quit smoking.

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