What are Nicotine Salts and are they right for me?

Nicotine salts are a relatively new product that is rapidly increasing in popularity, Nicotine Salt e-liquid is slightly different from the more widely available 'Freebase Nicotine' e-liquids in that the Nicotine salt is extracted directly from the tobacco leaf, one of the main benefits is that it is absorbed by the body far quicker than freebase Nicotine providing a much quicker 'hit' which can really help keep those Nicotine cravings in check.

Also, Nicotine Salts do not deliver the same severe throat hit as freebase nicotine and they remain smooth at much higher nicotine levels, this makes them ideal for individuals who are looking for a more cigarette-like vaping experience.

Can I use Nicotine salts in my favourite pen or device?

It is very important that Nicotine salts are only used in small, Low Wattage devices, they should not in any circumstances be used in high powered Sub-Ohm devices.