Strawberry - 10ml

Strawberry - 10ml



There is no single molecule with a strawberry smell so what we smell and taste is a blend. One key component is a sweet caramel like scent, another a dense fruity scent, due to the fruit esters, which are responsible for the aroma of many other fruit, including banana and pineapple. Finally there is a green note responsible for the smell of cut grass. We think we have captured these perfectly in our e liquid, what do you think?


  • All our e-liquid is British Made in an IS07 clean room

  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 Quality Standards

  • We record the ECID on all our 10ml bottles

  • We only ever use highest quality UK sourced ingredients

  • All bottles are tamper evident and child safe

  • We regularly laboratory test all our products

  • We never compromise on quality

  • A premium e-liquid for £1 - why not give it a go?